Making everyday spending concious, exciting and rewarding.

Founding story

LIT is the outcome of two friends being fed up with people losing money on gambling. After learning that 6-9% of young adults experience severe problems related to gambling and that the average household loses more than £600 a year we decided to do something about it.

The result is LIT. A card for the 99% that can make you a winner without losing. Use the card for your everyday expenses and suddenly you might just scoop a big win right after you paid. It’s free to join and get your card. Invite some friends to increase your chances and split your winnings.

Additionally, we put in some features to make your money management a bit simpler:

We hope LIT will give you the kick from winning but without gambling and that you scoop a BIG WIN.

The approach

Starting right after summer 2021, we give people with most points on the waitlist early access to LIT in the UK and shortly thereafter the rest of Europe and then US. Sign up on our waitlist today to get early-access and win cash prizes every week.

Something on your mind?

Tag @GET_LIT_APP on Twitter or Instagram with your question. We try to answer them all.

Team LIT

Far away from Silicon Valley, LIT is a global remote-first team with hubs in the beautiful city of Stockholm, Sweden and in Reykjavík of the majestic Iceland.

Join us and work from anywhere in the world or from one of our local hubs. Check out our career page.