How does it work?

When you normally spend with your card, the merchant you’re buying from pays a so called interchange fee to your card-issuing bank. This fee is typically between 0.2%-1.5% of what you are spending.

Instead, we pool together a part of this fee and give it back our amazing LIT-users, meaning anyone who uses the LIT-card can suddenly become a winner and win everything from £1 to a £1 000 000.

Am I gambling?

No. You don’t bet anything which means you can’t lose anything. We share fees that your card-issuing bank normally profits from and instead give you the opportunity to win them by just using your debit card everyday like normal.

Why are you doing this?

We’re shocked to learn that the average household loses over £600 on gambling a year and that there are so many people that have gambling problems. Also collecting bonus points and really bad cash-backs on your card is super boring and just lure you into more consumption. Instead, we decided we want people to get the opportunity and kick from winning but without gambling and losing to instead save that money.

How do I increase my winning chances?

The more you use the card for everyday spending, the higher chance of winning. Also join your family and friends in Team Play. Your Team's spending is then added up and you can get up to 100 times higher chance of winning and share that joy with friends and family.

Is LIT free?

Of course. Just download the LIT-app, and get a virtual card that you can add to your Apple or Google Wallet. If you want a physical card then refer at least 5 friends that makes 3 purchases with their LIT card and we’ll reward you right away!

Can I get early access and win cash prizes already now?

Sure thing. Just join our waitlist by signing up with your email. Refer friends and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to have the chance to win up to a £100 every week until we are launching.

The people first in line will get early access to the LIT app and card when we are launching!

How do you pick winners from the waitlist?

The people who has earned most points during the week counting from Monday 00:00 am to Sunday 11:59 pm will be picked as winners. It is also a requirement that you follow us on Twitter or Instagram.

The people first in line when the waitlist ends will also win cash prizes up to £1 000 deposited to their LIT-card when launched. You can check the detailed contest rules in the widget in the bottom of our website.

When are you launching?

Early access starts right after summer. We need some vacation first.

How can I ask you other questions?

Tag @GET_LIT_APP on Twitter or Instagram with your question. We try to answer them all.

I’m an investor - how do I get in touch with you?

You are probably smart enough to figure out how.

Who are you?

Check out the About page.

DM us