OMG it's here. We are launching LIT. A free debit card that can make you and your friends win big cash prizes without gambling. You can't lose.

May 5, 2021


Seriously cmon. People love to gamble and the chance of winning big. Problem is that almost all of us are losers. The odds of winning is so bad. Let's take the lottery as an example which is basically just giving away your money for free. The odds of winning the Powerball jackpot is about 1 in 292 million and on average you lose more than 50% on what you spend. Why not save that money instead because now we are building LIT.

What is LIT

LIT is a money app with a unique free debit card. The world's first card that can make you a winner when swiping but without gambling. But how does it work? Thing is, when you spend with your card, the store you're buying from pays a so called interchange fee to your card-issuing bank. This fee is typically between 0.2%-1.5% of what you are spending. That means that every time you use your card, your card-issuing bank is making money, and without telling you! Crazy huh.

But LIT is different. Instead of trying to seduce you with some really really low cashback or bonus points you don't really want, we pool together a part of this interchange fee and give it back our amazing LIT-users. This means that anyone that uses the LIT-card suddenly can become a winner and win anything between £1 to a £1 000 000. And the best part is that since yhour don't bet anything, means you can't lose anything. We share the fees that your card-issuing bank normally profits from and instead give you the opportunity to get them by just using your debit card everyday like normal.

How to get LIT

Join our free waitlist today. Refer friends and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to have the chance to win up to a £100 every week until we are launching. We'll start to give away cash prizes as soon we have surpassed 1 000 signed up users. The people first in line will get early access to the LIT app and card when we are launching after summer 2021 in the UK.